NRSC Chairman Rick Scott announced the Committee raised a total of $7.46 million in July 2021 and has $24.14 million cash-on-hand. Chairman Scott went on to tout the NRSC’s continued success at expanding the grassroots support base, sharing that July brought the lowest average donation as well as the highest total of grassroots donations this cycle. Each month, the NRSC’s grassroots supporter base has increased while the average donation amount has decreased, proving that grassroots energy is with the Senate Republicans’ pro-America, pro-family agenda.

During the months of June and July, the NRSC made a historic $5 million investment to grow the Committee’s grassroots donor base. This investment has led to the NRSC adding more than two million new supporters and raising $8.2 million online in June and July.

“Democrats are seeing the consequences of their own actions as voters flee their party,” said NRSC Chairman Rick Scott. “Voters are rightly blaming Senate Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree for sky-high inflation rates. They’re also fully aware that their amnesty-without-border-security agenda is fueling the crisis at the Southern Border. Democrats have no solutions and are only making matters worse. It is no wonder that the grassroots energy is squarely behind Senate Republicans because our agenda is focused on improving the lives of all Americans. The NRSC continues to tap into this energy, and our investments will pay big dividends in bringing back a Republican Senate majority in November 2022.”

Fast Facts:

  • July total raised: $7.46 million
  • Cash on Hand: $24.14 million
  • Number of July donations: 159,286
  • Average donation: $45.13
  • Number of July first-time donors: 15,750
  • Number of July donations under $200: 157,999 
  • Total of July donations under $200: $4.45 million
  • Debt: $0

Source: NRSC


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