It takes a lot for me to defend a liberal Democrat, but the case against New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is just another sleazy, politically-motivated attack by the so-called “Justice Department” and the misnamed “Public Integrity Section.” I said two and a half years ago, after reading the indictment, this was a political hit job and if the case were given to a credible judge Menendez would walk.
Menendez was indicted after speaking out against Obama’s policies on Iran and Cuba. That’s pretty much the pattern with every case brought by the PIS, which has a long history of being slapped down by judges for brazen misconduct and open political bias. PIS targets are almost always critics of the political establishment, or people who pose an electoral threat to leaders of the political establishment.
Not only should they not re-try the case, everyone associated with the PIS should be fired, investigated and, where provable, prosecuted for abuse of power and official oppression. This was an open attempt to use the color of law to subject Menendez to punishment and deprive him of civil rights because of his anti-establishment political views.

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