It’s the dead of winter, but the snowflakes are already melting.

In Wisconsin, incompetent neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen is already rehearsing his 2018 concession speech, bombarding Twitter with a torrent of comments, memes and photos depicting himself killing political opponents and claiming Jews are conspiring to defeat him.

It’s so bad the normally shameless Breitbart news network has cut all ties to him.

And then there’s Roy Moore (whom I supported for 20+ years,) who now continues to pathologically and compulsively lie about everything.

“The Moore campaign filed a complaint late Wednesday night in state circuit court in Montgomery, the state capital, seeking a temporary restraining order to postpone the certification, alleging “potential election fraud that improperly altered the outcome of this election,” NBC News reports.

There was no mass voter fraud. There is no evidence of voter fraud. His “expert,” Richard Charnin, is a mentally unbalanced conspiracy theorist who believes the JFK assassination, the 2004 presidential election and the 2016 Democrat presidential primary were all conspiracies.

Charnin also believes 11 million votes were “stolen” from Michael Dukakis, whom he believes won the 1988 presidential election.

“It’s appalling that the Democrat Senate Majority PAC and the Republican Senate Leadership Fund both spent millions to run false and malicious ads against me in this campaign,” said Moore, without explaining what that has to do with supposed voter fraud.

And that’s how these people respond when the cold, clear reality of vote totals don’t match the warm, comforting of their Internet echo chambers.
The so-called “alt right” aren’t a political movement. They’re a community of socially maladjusted misfits who use politics to rationalize the dissonance between the “alpha male” they see themselves as, and the beta failure they really are.
They’ve been told their whole lives they are special little snowflakes. Their mommies told them they are smarter, more handsome and more deserving than anyone else. They’re told that women lust for them and that they are entitled to success.
So when left to fend for themselves in the real world, the results must be everyone else’s fault.
They’re not making six figures out of college? Immigrants stole that job.
Women don’t find them attractive? They’re all sluts being stolen from them by “white knights.”
Society rejects their uninformed dumbassery? They all just need to “take the red pill.”
Voters reject them? It was stolen through voter fraud.
The self-loathing “alt right” are the very thing they claim to hate – whiny, entitled “snowflakes” mass-produced by the “self-esteem” culture, who demand that their personal failings are everyone else’s responsibility.
The only difference between the so-called “alt right” and Social Justice Warriors is the nebulous group they blame for their own failures in life.
Get ready for a whole lot more claims of “voter fraud” and “Jewish conspiracies” as the so-called “alt right” are sent to their political graves in 2018.

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