Word is former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will be indicted in the coming weeks.

This one’s a problem for Trump.

Trump knew since Jan 4. Flynn was under criminal investigation for illegal ties to Turkey’s dictator, but made him National Security Adviser anyway.

The criminal investigation concerned Flynn secretly lobbying for Turkey while serving as the Trump campaign’s national security adviser.

On Jan. 26 the Justice Department informed the White House Flynn had also lied to the White House about meetings with Russian agents. During this meeting the White House was informed Flynn posed a national security threat.

Despite the ongoing criminal investigation and lies about Russia, Trump wouldn’t fire Flynn until February 13, when news publicly broke the Russian meetings had taken place and the national security threat became a threat to Trump’s public image.

A criminal trial of Flynn for illegal lobbying while a Trump campaign official would not only call into question Trump’s foreign policy positions, but call into question why Trump hired and kept someone he knew would face these charges.

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