Trump just backed down to Kim Jong Un.
He agreed to delay joint military drills with ROK so DPRK can hold talks.
This is a mistake.
The “talks” are just a propaganda exercise by Kim. DRPK has no interest in or intent to scale back its nuclear weapons program or “reunification” plans as long as the US maintain a military presence in the RoK.
The US will never remove the military from the RoK as long as the DPRK maintain nuclear weapons or “reunification” plans.
The only thing this accomplishes is the appearance Kim Jong Un can tell the US when and where it can drill.
US policy on DPRK, which so far has been good under Trump should be:
A) Complete withdrawal from RoK
B1) Establish missile defense systems for the US, RoK, Japan
B2) Disrupt DPRK’s internal communications
B3) Pressure China/Russia to sever economic ties

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