November 1, 2017

Prime Minister Mr. Abadi has claimed that Erbil withdrew from an agreement between the Iraqi army and the Ministry of the Peshmerga.
There has been no agreement between us. There was a draft agreement that was presented by the Iraqi military delegation; on the day following the meeting between the Iraqi government and KRG delegations, a second draft was sent by the Iraqi delegation, differing somewhat from the first draft. Our reply to both drafts was that, as we have mentioned many times, we are ready to negotiate with the federal government on the basis of the constitution. The reply that we got was the typical refusal. 

Pushing the current situation toward fighting might escalate to a disaster for all Iraqis and all of Iraq’s components.

We are for peace, in accordance with our belief in our rights, which have been framed within the Iraqi constitution. In order to reach an exclusive agreement, we call upon the Iraqi people to a constructive and frank dialogue in order to secure a bright future for our next generations. We urge the great Islamic figures and all Iraqi parties and civil society organizations and all powers that believe in the constitution and peace and security to stand against the efforts that try to create strife between Arabs and Kurds, as well as to renounce any attempts at solving the issues through force or fighting.

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