Boebert and Rosendale blast Fish and Wildlife Service for scheme to spread invasive gray wolves under Endangered Species Act

“Radical special-interest groups are wasting resources by forcing the Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct reviews of a species that is thriving and already fully recovered. This move is extremist enviros’ first step to relist gray wolves as an endangered species and reinstate the federal government’s one-size-fits-all micromanagement of our farmers, ranchers, and state and local officials."

Rosendale rips scheme by coastal elites to spread invasive gray wolves across western US

The letter goes on to describe the nature of petitions submitted by environmental organizations pushing for a status review of the gray wolf as “at the behest of environmentalist ideologues,” and meant “to further an extreme political agenda,” adding that the USFWS should follow the relevant science that shows the gray wolf exceeding population goals in the western United States.

Biden schemes with radical enviros to end gray wolf management

"Once again, radical special interest groups have hijacked the ESA and are wasting taxpayer resources. Forcing agencies to conduct meaningless reviews to examine recovered species is not accomplishing any long-term goals when state wildlife experts are already managing and caring for species local to their communities. It is also disappointing that the Biden administration is caving to these groups and giving credence to these petitions instead of proactively working with states on actual recovery mechanisms."