Grassley demands Biden AG investigate DOJ and FBI over botched Nassar investigation

“Nassar abused hundreds of young athletes while FBI sat on its thumb. DOJ refused to attend the Judiciary Committee hearing this week to face questions. Attorney General Garland should assign a federal prosecutor or special counsel to uncover what the FBI knew and when, as well as to seek prosecutions of those involved in the cover-up. These brave gymnasts and all Nassar survivors deserve accountability, especially from the Justice Department.”


Senate hearing exposes FBI mishandling of Nassar sex abuse case

“Every single person in authority who turned a blind eye to these young athletes’ allegations is complicit in Nassar’s crime, and each one of them should be considered a predator. We cannot save future generations of women and girls from this kind of horrific abuse if we continue to settle for diplomatic resolutions. We owe it to these young women — and to girls and women everywhere — to figure out why their government failed them, why these institutions did not listen to them, and that process begins today."