Huffines calls for conservative priorities to be added to third special session

“Texans elected Republicans to statewide office and sent strong Republican majorities to the Texas Legislature so they could pass Republican policy priorities into law. Sadly, many important issues for our state remain unaddressed. As Greg Abbott reconvenes the Texas Legislature he must task them with passing additional conservative priorities.”

Texas Reps urge Abbott to fight Biden vaccine mandate

"We stand with you and are ready to work together as leaders of the people of this great state to ensure they can exercise their rights as Texans to carry out their livelihoods and otherwise pursue happiness consistent with the 9th and 10th Amendments to the United States Constitution."

Chip Roy commends Texas for passing election integrity bill

"While Democrats — who abandoned their duties in Austin to advocate for a federal election takeover from D.C. — may deceptively call this ‘Jim Crow 2.0,’ the facts tell a different story. This bill contains commonsense measures, such as requiring identification for mail-in-ballots, preventing the chaos of unsolicited mail-in ballots, and enhancing protections for poll watchers. This is a necessary step to ensure a secure election process and restore public confidence in our Texas elections."

Huffines demands Abbott ‘stop surrendering to local mask tyrants’

Following reports that Houston ISD, Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD, and other local governments across the state intend to or have already imposed mask mandates on Texas kids and citizens, conservative candidate for governor Don Huffines demanded Texas leaders override their orders and punish those who implemented them. Huffines issued the following statement: “While Greg Abbott brags … Continue reading Huffines demands Abbott ‘stop surrendering to local mask tyrants’