In case you missed it, WPA Intelligence released a poll, commissioned by Club for Growth PAC, on hypothetical 2024 Presidential candidates. The polling found that Ron DeSantis holds a 3 point lead over Joe Biden, while Biden leads Donald Trump by 7 points. NBC’s Marc Caputo wrote an exclusive report on the findings.

“More Americans are learning about Ron DeSantis and the good he’s done as the Governor of Florida,” said Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh. “Of the potential candidates surveyed, DeSantis has high favorability with room to grow.”

Click here to read the polling memo from WPA Intelligence.

Click here to read the full story from NBC.


Though he’s not as well-known to voters overall, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is emerging as a bigger potential threat to President Joe Biden than former President Donald Trump, according to a new nationwide poll conducted for the conservative Club for Growth (PAC).

The poll shows Trump losing to Biden 41-48% — an 8-percentage point disadvantage for the Republican that’s outside the poll’s 3-point error margin. But in a head-to-head matchup against DeSantis, Biden gets 42% of the theoretical vote compared to 45% for the Florida governor, which is essentially a statistical tie, the online survey of 1,035 voters from WPA Intelligence shows.

To test people’s knowledge of the candidates, WPA Intelligence used a relatively novel approach in its survey by showing voters a picture of each of the three politicians and then asking respondents to either type the name of the man from memory or click an option acknowledging they didn’t know who they were. Both Biden and Trump were known to 98% of the electorate each; but only 64% knew who DeSantis was.

Yet despite that name ID deficit, the 44-year-old DeSantis still out-performed the 80-year-old Biden and the 76-year-old Trump.


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