The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) released their final rule singlehandedly banning “stabilizing braces” for AR-pistols, AK-pistols, and certain classes of weapons that shoot shotgun shells.

Stabilizing braces are a common accessory that make firearms more controllable and safer to shoot.

“The National Association for Gun Rights and our legal foundation oppose this unconstitutional rule from the ATF and are currently dissecting the nearly 300-page gun ban,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “We are exploring all legal options in opposition to this heinous federal overreach which will turn millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons unless they destroy or register their guns with the federal government.”

Since the draft rule was made public, the National Association for Gun Rights has opposed banning or regulating stabilizing braces.

On page 51 of the ATF rule, the ATF notes that 25,000 members of the National Association for Gun Rights submitted letters opposing the rule when the public comment period was open.

“Nowhere in the Second Amendment, and nowhere in the Constitution does the ATF or federal government have the authority to outright ban firearms accessories, and we’re not going to let the ATF and Biden administration simply destroy our right to keep and bear arms,” concluded Brown.   

The National Association for Gun Rights is urging the Republican House to use its powers of Congressional Review to overturn this ban.

A copy of the ATF rule can be found at:

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