St. Anselm is out with new polling numbers from the Granite State, and things are not looking good for Sen. Maggie Hassan.

  • Hassan’s approval numbers have sunk to 44% approve / 51% disapprove.
  • Only 39% of voters believe that Hassan deserves re-election.
  • Only 21% believe that the country is headed on the right track. 
  • The economy/inflation remains the #1 issue to voters followed by government spending and taxes.
  • President Biden’s approval numbers have fallen to 42% approve / 57% disapprove.
  • Republicans hold a 3-point lead on the generic ballot.


Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “For those who thought that Hassan would rebound over the summer thanks to a late primary and millions of dollars in spending from Hassan’s campaign and a vast network of shady, dark-money groups, they were very wrong.  The indisputable facts remain: Maggie Hassan is one of the weakest incumbents in the U.S. Senate with a voting record far out of step with New Hampshire.”


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