It was reported that pampered man-child John Fetterman received tens of thousands of dollars a year in allowance from his parents until he was in his late 40s. That got us thinking – which chores did the gym short-wearing man-child have to perform to earn his allowance?

According to the New York Times, age-appropriate chores for a child (or a man-child in Fetterman’s case) ages 12 and up include:

  • Washing Mommy and Daddy’s car
  • Ironing clothes 
  • Baking Mommy and Daddy a cake

But maybe Fetterman should start smaller in the ages 2-3 range by doing these chores:

  • Putting his dirty gym shorts in the hamper
  • Putting his toys away in the toy box
  • Setting the table while Mommy and Daddy are making dinner 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “John Fetterman pretends he’s a working-class man of the people when he is actually a pampered Harvard-educated man-child of privilege who drew an allowance from his Mommy and Daddy until he was in his late 40s. The only reason Fetterman stopped milking his parents for an allowance is because he started milking taxpayers for his $169,451 salary when he stumbled into the office of Lieutenant Governor.”



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