Hispanics are fed up with Joe Biden and the Democrats who are destroying our country, the economy and making our communities less safe. With a little over 100 days until the midterm election, the Democrats are in trouble with Hispanic voters. 

A new Q poll shows among Hispanics: 

  • 19% approve of the president.
  • 19% approve of the way Joe Biden is handling the economy.
  • 19% have a favorable view of the president.

In spring 2021, the NRSC released the Hispanic Battleground Survey which found that Hispanic voters largely reject the pillars of the Democrats’ agenda heading into the midterm elections, including wasteful spending, open borders, and banning voter ID requirements. Earlier this year, the NRSC launched Operación ¡Vamos! to focus on sharing the GOP’s opportunity agenda for hardworking families and help Republicans take back the majority this November.



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