Democrat-aligned groups have spent in excess of four million dollars to meddle in the Colorado Republican Primary.  These dirty tricks are not simply meant to deceive but are illegal. 

This week, the NRSC filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Committee and urged the Colorado Attorney General to not only investigate the matter but prosecute those responsible for their illegal actions.

Read the NRSC’s FEC complaint here.

Read the NRSC’s letter to the Colorado AG.

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “The NRSC is demanding the FEC and the Colorado Attorney General put a stop to the illegal meddling of Democrat-aligned groups in the Colorado Republican Primary.  

“Michael Bennet is a weak incumbent and a bad candidate. The Democrats are interfering in the Republican primary because they know that he could lose to a strong Republican challenger. It is telling that the Democrats won’t spend any money to support Bennett, since his record on the issues is indefensible, but have plenty of funds to meddle in our race. The NRSC will continue exposing the Democrats’ desperate dirty tricks and will use whatever legal options are at our disposal to fight back and make sure Michael Bennet gets the race he deserves.”



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