Chairman Rick Scott announced that the NRSC will be filing an FEC complaint on the Democrats’ illegal activities as part of their coordinated effort to hurt Republican candidate Joe O’Dea in Colorado.

The FEC complaint will outline the Democrats’ illegal activities, including:

  • Sending out mailers that do not include a legally required disclaimer.
  • Failing to disclose their donors, spending and vendors, as required by federal law.

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “Chuck Schumer and the liberal special interests funding this clearly illegal campaign against Joe O’Dea have shown their hand. They know that Michael Bennet is vulnerable and is one of the weakest Democrat incumbents in the Senate. Unfortunately, in their haste to meddle in the Republican primary, Democrats have clearly violated federal law and FEC rules. While the NRSC does not get involved in primaries, we are exposing and will continue to expose the Democrats’ efforts to undermine the electoral process in a desperate attempt to protect failed Presidential candidate Michael Bennet.”


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