The NRSC released new polling on abortion that outlined the Democrats’ radical and extreme views on abortion. Put simply, Democrats are outside of the American mainstream on this issue. Today’s Democrat Party has fully embraced a radical abortion agenda that includes late-term abortion, funded by taxpayers, up until the moment of birth and voters don’t agree with them.

“For the upcoming midterms, 53 percent of respondents choose the Republican candidate “who supports banning abortion after 15 weeks with exception for the life and physical health of the mother or severe fatal abnormality of the baby,” while 28 percent prefer a Democratic candidate “who supports unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth.”

While Democratic respondents prefer their candidate by 58-17 percent, the Republican candidate has much more partisan support from fellow Republicans, by 90-3 percent. By 54-18 percent, Independents prefer the Republican candidate over the Democrat. 

The presentation also uses Democratic positions against them when it comes to highlighting how Republicans are for “Reasonable Restrictions,” as “Restricting late term abortion is a reasonable consensus position.”

By 55-35 percent, respondents think that the “Supreme Court should allow the states to ban late-term abortions.”

When it comes to the law before the Court, Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, a majority of respondents, at 62 percent, say that they agree it is “wrong to allow abortions after 15 weeks when unborn babies can suck their thumb and feel pain, including 52 percent who do so strongly. The law is supported by 59 percent of Independents and 80 percent of Republicans. While more Democrats (48 percent) do not support the law, 43 percent do.” – TOWNHALL

Read full article HERE

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