Even Politico admits that things are not looking good for the Democrats. Hispanic voters are running as fast and as far away from them as they possibly can. Democrats in Florida continue to wonder why they are losing the Latino vote. Well, the answer is simple: Hispanic voters care about real issues like the economy, school choice, and safe communities while Democrats care more about their radical agenda that’s leaving working-class families behind. Republicans continue to show up for Hispanic communities across the state and the results are speaking for themselves.

Politico reports:

It could be a struggle for Democrats. February polling from Suffolk University/USA Today shows that 39 percent of Florida voters approve of the job Biden is doing compared to 53 disapproving. The Biden administration has also made some early missteps that riled up Democrats in the state, including plans to remove a Colombian Marxist rebel group, the FARC, from a list of foreign terrorist groups…

While Democrats are trying to reshape how they win over Hispanic voters, years of neglect are leaving some skeptical that the party is doing enough or moving as fast as it should.

Statement from NRSC Hispanic Press Secretary, Juan Arias: “Year after year, the Democrats have failed Hispanic communities across Florida. Hispanics are fed up with radical-left policies and last-minute efforts to win their votes. They want government leaders that will show up, hear their needs, and follow through on promises made. The Republican Party is the party of opportunity, and we will continue to make gains as we approach the midterm election.



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