Gas prices continue to climb well-past $5 per gallon in Nevada, and drivers across the state need relief from these out-of-control prices. It won’t be Catherine Cortez Masto who lowers those prices. 

According to recent reports, Cortez Masto is getting her wish to keep prices high because the Biden Administration is still refusing to grant oil and gas leases on federal land. Last year, Cortez Masto twice voted against allowing oil and gas leasing on federal land, votes that have severely limited U.S. energy supply. But those votes weren’t the first time she moved to halt energy production. In a 2020 op-ed, Cortez Masto advocated to curtail oil and gas leasing, even writing that the decline in the global oil market “further diminishes the need to lease more public lands for drilling.”

Nevada gas prices are the second highest in the nation – forcing many to make hard choices between keeping the lights on or filling up their gas tank – because of Catherine Cortez Masto’s advocacy against expanding U.S. energy supply. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Is Catherine Cortez Masto happy now that she got her wish to limit U.S. energy supply and to make gas unaffordable for hardworking Nevadans?”


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