In a gambit to nationalize the health care market, President Biden and Congressional Democrats are working tirelessly to undermine Americans’ confidence in private health coverage, including employer-sponsored insurance, which over 155 million Americans rely on.

In Case You Missed It via The Washington Times, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) pens an op-ed on the Democrats’ socialist health care campaign, which threatens to subject Americans to long lines and higher costs.

Biden’s attacks on employer-sponsored health care pave the way for socialized medicine
By Virginia Foxx
March 16, 2022

Employer-sponsored insurance is the bedrock of American health care. Over 155 million Americans rely on their employers for health insurance and, according to a March 2021 survey, more than two-thirds were satisfied with their coverage. So why are we being told constantly that America’s health care system is broken? And why is the Biden administration waging a war against the private health coverage a majority of Americans enjoy and upon which they rely?

A lack of consumer choice, consolidation in the health care market, and increased government intervention and subsidization has made health care unaffordable for middle-class America. Over the past two decades, premiums for individual coverage increased 213% and premiums for family coverage increased 245%, far outpacing the 60% increases in overall prices. The majority of insured adults agree that the single most important priority when it comes to health care reform should be reducing health care costs.

Unfortunately, many in Congress believe the only solution to lowering costs is to eliminate private insurance altogether and replace it with a government-run health care system, like Medicare-for-All. However, eliminating private insurance would be a grave mistake. Denying patients and families the opportunity to make their own health care decisions is un-American.

Americans should be warned: socializing health care will bankrupt our country, put affordable and high-quality health care out of reach for many Americans, and drastically increase inflation. Getting rid of employer-sponsored insurance and instituting socialized health care will put Washington bureaucrats in charge of Americans’ most personal and private health care decisions. This is not the American way. Our country was built on freedom, choice, and self-government, not coercive government control. We need less federal intervention in health care, not more.

Read the full op-ed here.


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