Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02) joined a resolution led by Rep. Jim Banks condemning the Biden Administration’s attempt to re-enter the failed Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

“Only a professed foreign policy expert like Joe Biden would think it wise to restart nuclear negotiations with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism who just days ago pelted the American consulate in Iraq with missiles,” said Rep. Barry Moore. “Iran acquiring weapons-grade uranium would totally upend all the progress we’ve made to prevent nuclear war and imperil every American and ally on the globe. In a world smoldering with countless crises of Biden’s making, this deal represents perhaps the gravest threat to American security and safety, and I am proud to join Rep. Banks resolution to condemn Biden’s attempt to negotiate with terrorists.”


Last month, Moore and his colleagues warned Biden that any nuclear deal made with Iran without Congress’ approval will meet the same fate as the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or “Iran deal” made by President Obama. In May 2018, President Trump formally withdrew the United States from this misguided and poorly negotiated deal. Recently, the Iranians demanded a guarantee from the Biden administration that will allow them to continue with their illicit nuclear program without sanctions being reimposed on their country so long as they abide by the terms of the now-defunct JCPOA. Under Biden’s new Iran deal, Iran will get more nuclear and even non-nuclear sanctions lifted – and with it, a windfall of billions of dollars to better arm itself, in exchange for fewer and shorter-lived nuclear restrictions.

Read a Fox News article here for more information.


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