Following is a statement from Jen Judson, President of the National Press Club, and Gil Klein, President of the National Press Club Journalism Institute on the killing of Brent Renaud, a journalist, former New York Times contributor, and Peabody award-winning filmmaker who was working in Ukraine outside of Kyiv.

“We mourn the news of the death of journalist Brent Renaud. His fatal shooting near Irpin, reportedly by Russian forces while trying to cross a checkpoint to cover fleeing Ukrainian civilians, is a tragic reminder of the costs and stakes for journalists covering war and attacks on civilians. That so many journalists — local and foreign, freelancer and staffer are putting their health, lives and livelihoods on the line in order to cover the human costs of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a reminder to the world of why a free and independent press is so important and worthy of protection and support. Under international humanitarian law, journalists are noncombatants. We call for an investigation into the killing of Brent Renaud as a possible war crime.”

Founded in 1908, the National Press Club is the world’s leading professional organization for journalists. The Club has 3,000 members representing nearly every major news organization and is a leading voice for press freedom in the United States and around the world.

The National Press Club Journalism Institute, the Club’s non-profit affiliate, promotes an engaged global citizenry through an independent and free press and equips journalists with skills and standards to inform the public in ways that inspire civic engagement.


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