Online retailer recorded a recent surge in consumer demand for small arms ammunition – the onset of which perfectly coincided with the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.

In comparison to the previous two weeks, recorded the following from February 24th through March 10th, 2022:

U.S. Ammo Sales Surge Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine
U.S. Ammo Sales Surge Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • 166% increase in revenue
  • 110% increase in transactions
  • 59% increase in site traffic
  • 31% increase in conversion rate
  • 27% increase in average order value also reports their top ten states for ammunition sales during the 2 weeks following the Russian invasion, as well as those states’ respective top three types of ammunition ordered by volume:

State#1 Ammo#2 Ammo#3 Ammo
1. Texas9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo223 Ammo
2. Florida9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo223 Ammo
3. Washington9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo7.62×39 Ammo
4. Georgia9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo357 Magnum Ammo
5. Arizona9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo223 Ammo
6. Pennsylvania 9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo12 Gauge Shotgun Shells
7. Michigan5.56×45 Ammo9mm Ammo7.62×39 Ammo
8. Illinois 9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo7.62×39 Ammo
9. North Carolina5.56×45 Ammo9mm Ammo7.62×39 Ammo
10. Ohio9mm Ammo5.56×45 Ammo223 Ammo

It must be noted that’s data do not provide an all-encompassing overview of Americans’ recent ammunition buying habits. Various federal, state, and municipal laws have made unable to ship ammunition to residents of Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, as well as Chicago, IL, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, also sells non-ammunition goods including apparel, flags, and firearm accessories, although ammunition does account for the overwhelming majority of the retailer’s sales.

“We noted a similar surge in demand for ammunition during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Alex Horsman, marketing manager for “As neoconservatives and the mainstream media both began calling for American intervention in the Russian invasion, wary firearm enthusiasts sensed that the products they need to enjoy their favorite hobby could soon become scarce.

“Many Americans predict that a war effort would significantly limit the amount of ammunition available to consumers. Others fear that the Biden administration, via executive fiat, will somehow limit private sales of ammunition under the pretext that those products must be shipped overseas in support of the Ukrainian resistance. After all, who knew the CDC could unilaterally put a nationwide moratorium on evictions for almost a year and a half before the pandemic? The Biden administration has demonstrated an eagerness to chip away at the Second Amendment when and where it can, and many Americans anticipate that a ‘temporary’ ban on ammunition sales would be anything but.

“Whether the recent spike in demand for ammunition reflects Americans’ apprehensions about potential scarcity, their mistrust of those in power not to use a crisis to advance their own political aims, or a combination of both, the outcome is the same: American gun owners want to stock up on ammo while they can.”

ABOUT AMMO.COM is an American online ammunition retailer that offers an expansive selection, great prices, fast shipping, and live American customer support. Their real-time inventory management system keeps their stock constantly updated on their website, ensuring no surprises for customers during checkout.

But does more than sell ammo. Their mission is to arm Americans both physically and philosophically, to fulfill the actual intent of the Second Amendment, and to protect the United States from its government by keeping the state in check.

In addition to the collection of information and resources they offer in their Resistance Library, supports the efforts of pro-freedom organizations through their Freedom Fighter donation program. This program gives’s customers the option of donating 1% of their order price to a group which actively preserves our country’s liberties – at no additional cost.

You can follow America’s Pro-Freedom Ammo Source on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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