Gas prices are through the roof and Maggie Hassan is looking for something, anything to blame it on.  Her new favorite target: The U.S. oil and gas industry.   

Here’s what she told WMUR

“What you’re hearing from the oil companies, and, frankly, what you’re hearing from my opponents in the Senate race is excuses about why they have to keep increasing profits while increasing prices at the pump. My opponents have really been parroting big oil here.”

Talk about completely missing the point…

Gas prices were near record highs long before Russia invaded Ukraine, thanks to Biden/Hassan inflation. Hassan also has one of the most abysmal, anti-American energy records in the U.S. Senate, as we highlighted earlier this week.

So now, after putting U.S. oil and gas in a stranglehold and jacking up inflation, Hassan decides to take her anger out on the companies she hates while President Biden begs countries who hate us to send us more oil and gas.

If your head is spinning, you aren’t alone…

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Maggie Hassan claims she is big mad at oil companies, but she should be looking in the mirror instead. After years of economic mismanagement and attacking the domestic oil and gas industry, Hassan is feigning surprise that we are seeing soaring fuel costs during an international crisis.  The Granite State gets it, and she’ll be held responsible for weakening our nation at a critical time in world history.” 


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