It must be strange for Nevadans to see Catherine Cortez Masto on TV touting her alleged accomplishments because reality is far different than the rosy picture Cortez Masto paints. Under Cortez Masto’s leadership, Nevadans are paying record-high amounts at the pump as well as at the grocery store and the state touts one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation

Here’s what they are saying about how Catherine Cortez Masto and her far-left agenda are bad for Nevada:

Inflation Has Hit Nevada Hard and Many Residents and Business Owners are Struggling to Pay Rent and Buy Supplies

  • The Nevada Independent: “Many residents […] are struggling to make ends meet amid a steep rise in rental and home prices.”
  • Las Vegas Pastry Chef Carlos Padilla: “We’re hoping that things get a lot better between now and [the end of the lease].” 
  • Waitress Aretha Wilder: “I feel betrayed. I feel like this is my town. I’m from here … and we can’t afford to live here.”
  • Deseret News: Price increases in Nevada “have been tracking well ahead of the national average for months.”
  • Las Vegas Winery Owner Mike Schoenbaechler“The thing I’m concerned with most currently and in the near future is the inflation, the cost of all of the goods to produce the wine to bottle it, as well as the cost of the fruit.”

Nevada Has the Third Highest Gas Prices in the Nation, Making it Even Harder for Nevada Families 

  • KTNV Las Vegas: “GasBuddy and AAA have Nevada as the third highest state for most expensive fuel prices. Just this past month, the price for gas has risen from $3.858 per gallon on Feb. 8 to $4.573 on March 6. AAA has a similar analysis.”
  • Las Vegas Rideshare Driver: “I’ve never seen [gas prices] this high ever, let alone driving Uber and Lyft. You do the math; you are definitely losing a chunk of your income.”
  • University Of Nevada Researcher Elle Horwath: “Gas is ridiculous right now. I don’t drive my car anywhere. I bike to campus. I bike to my job because I don’t want pay for gas.”

Skyrocketing Inflation and Gas Prices are Hurting Nevada’s Struggling Tourism Industry

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: “‘We’re not yet recovered’: Why tourism industry is still climbing back”
  • Economic Analyst Brian Gordon: “We have not seen all of the visitors come back. We have not seen all of the jobs come back in the leisure and hospitality industry.”
  • KLAS Las Vegas: “Many people are changing their travel plans due to increasing gas prices, and some are even changing their planned trips […] Tom de Martini comes to Las Vegas every year, but said he’ll be staying on the East coast this spring due to increasing travel costs.”
  • UNLV College Of Hospitality Assistant Professor Amanda Belarmino: “The added price of gas for daily activities will decrease the amount of money consumers have to spend on leisure activities.”
  • Nevada Public Radio: “Unemployment in [Nevada’s] hospitality and leisure sectors is still twice the national average.”

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Catherine Cortez Masto has turned her back on hardworking Nevadans and is ignoring the very real struggles they’re facing every single day. Cortez Masto should spend less time cutting phony ads and more time working to lower costs for Nevadans.”


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