Conor Lamb has yet to decide what kind of candidate he wants to be, and the PA Senate Primary is only a little more than two months away. One day he’s claiming to be a moderate and hosting campaign events with Sen. Manchin, the next he’s distancing himself from Manchin and the Center and being “best friends” with progressives. 

Tomorrow, next week, two months from now, who knows where Conor Lamb will land. He changes his tune and stances on issues depending on where the political winds blow. 

Pennsylvanians are getting whiplash!

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “Pick a lane, Conor. His identity crisis isn’t helping anyone, and Pennsylvanians are getting whiplash. They want and need a leader in the Senate who knows what they believe in and will fight hard for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not someone who will fall over with the slightest change in the winds.”


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