A coalition of groups including police, fire and other first responders, doctors, nurses, Boston city workers, business owners, students and more are marching again to fight exclusionary and prejudicial health protocols.

The group plans to assemble Saturday, March 5 at 11am at the Ruggles Train Station Rotary at 1150 Tremont Street and to march from that location.

“Boston media has refused to report the fact that thousands of people have protested at the Statehouse and marched through Boston’s streets, but we will not be silenced or deterred,” said Candice Edwards, one the organizers of the march.

Marchers at this protest are fighting for sound ethical public policy that protects public health without discrimination, educational inequities, job losses and economic devastation for local businesses and families.

 “The recent public health policies, implemented in Boston, for only 35 days, caused additional economic harm to businesses, after already taking a hit for 2 years prior,” said Jason Rossi, North End restaurant manager.

Morgan Bellamy, a Massachusetts parent said “I am marching because I am sick of the confusion being imposed on our children and our families. I am unable to justify to my son why he is still masked-up in school, when schools across the commonwealth are mask-free after the mandate was lifted. It doesn’t make any sense” 

Many healthcare workers like nurse Bridget Kearns of Wareham are being forced out or are abandoning healthcare due to mandates and discriminatory practices. “As a health care worker of over 20 years, I stepped forward to care for everyone, without discrimination, through this pandemic,” said Kearns. “I am now walking away from health care altogether because I feel I can no longer be part of a system that would deny, shame and bully individuals for making their own informed health decision or honoring their beliefs. I know I am not the only one, as we are seeing an exodus of skilled workers retire early, resign, and seek alternative careers and fields.”

The event was organized by Massachusetts Says NO, a grassroots collaborative of other Massachusetts organizations all fighting the same issue: Massachusetts Public health policy must never damage, destroy or discriminate. 


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