Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be in the business of helping former staffers succeed. Just look at Abby Finkenauer’s doomed campaign for Senate. Finkenauer is a former Biden staffer and was among his earliest endorsements for president. But Biden is paying back the favor by pushing a far-Left agenda that is dragging down both of them.

A new poll from ‘Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation’ reveals just how deeply unpopular these two radical Democrats are. Biden’s approval rating is at an abysmal 34%. Meanwhile, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley maintains a huge 15-point lead in the Senate race against Abby Finkenauer. Despite her many failed attempts to distance herself from her former boss, voters know Finkenauer is 100% with Joe Biden – and 100% against Iowa.

Does Abby Finkenauer still endorse Biden’s agenda of open borders, skyrocketing inflation, disastrous mandates, and Green New Deal policies that are gutting America’s energy independence? Iowans deserve answers.


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