The “Protecting the Right to Organize Act”, aka “PRO Act”, is one of the ways that Democrats are trying to stomp down Right to Work and make it easier for Unions to force themselves upon workers. In fact, union supporter and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders is trying to push the PRO Act to the top of the priority list by inserting it into a legislative package. If he’s successful, it’ll make it harder for workers to leave unions once they’re in, and union dues will skyrocket. They want to more than double the amount of dues unions receive in a year. That’s doubling the amount of money that’s taken from hard workers.

In The Daily Caller, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix speaks out:

“What this bill is about is giving union officials dramatic new powers over employees. There’s nothing in this bill that deals with individual employee rights. Nothing.” 

Mark Mix, as quoted in The Daily Caller

And, Rep. Virginia Foxx agrees:

“The only thing the PRO Act does is protect the $1.6 billion that unions donate to support left wing organizations.”

Rep. Virginia Foxx, as quoted in The Daily Caller

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