No one likes Wednesdays. But, for Cheri Beasley, this Wednesday is worse than most.

Last night, Beasley’s old friend Congresswoman Cori Bush lashed out against President Biden’s pledge to fund police forces, an issue widely supported by the American people. Unsurprisingly, Beasley has not commented on defunding the police.

Today, on a day Beasley undoubtedly wants to hide from questions about Bush and the deep unpopularity of President Biden and his agenda in North Carolina, she noticeably skipped a visit from Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris was in Durham to talk about the Administration’s “goals for jobs and workers.” With inflation at 40-year highs, gas prices skyrocketing, and an employment crisis among businesses of all sizes, Harris’ visit to promote more spending and economic mismanagement comes at the worst time for Cheri Beasley – likely the reason for the presumptive Democrat nominee’s absence.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Cheri Beasley’s campaign strategy to attach herself to the most unpopular people and issues of her party has led to a non-stop trail of bad news and caused her to duck the sitting Vice President of her own party. Within 24 hours, North Carolina voters have gotten a clearer vision of Beasley and the interests she is running to represent. She will be a rubberstamp for the Biden/Harris agenda and align herself with the most radical factions of her own party but doesn’t have the courage to own it.”


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