ollowing the initial results of the Texas GOP primary which showed Greg Abbott in first place, conservative Republican Don Huffines announced he would not contest the election results and declared victory on forcing the incumbent governor to the right.
Don Huffines issued the following statement:
“For over a year our campaign has driven the narrative in Texas and forced Greg Abbott to deliver real conservative victories like the Texas Heartbeat Act, Constitutional Carry, and protecting children from abusive transgender transitioning. When I entered the race, Greg Abbott opposed the border wall, was silent on sex-change surgeries for kids, allowed CRT in Texas classrooms and agencies, and even refused to stop vaccine mandates. Our campaign forced him to address each of these issues and deliver outcomes that will help everyday Texans. Though I will not be contesting the outcome of this election, I will not be going away. I will always fight to defend the God-given rights and liberties of Texans.”
Huffines further added:
“Texas Republicans voted overwhelmingly for conservative reforms via the ballot referenda. I pray Greg Abbott listens to our voters and moves to deliver on these initiatives. Enacting Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution and stopping the illegal invasion, phasing out property taxes, and ending abortion in Texas are the issues that unite our party and must define our agenda in both the November election and the next legislative session.”


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