The adjunctive use of cannabis is associated with symptom mitigation and improvements in ADHD patients’ quality of life, according to case reports published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

Canadian researchers documented improvements in three male ADHD patients, ages 18, 22, and 23, following the integration of cannabis into their treatment regimen. 

Following the use of cannabis, patients showed improvements in depression, anxiety, and in their ability to pay attention. Researchers said that the findings suggested that “cannabis played a complimentary role in the therapeutic regimen of these three patients.”

Survey data published last year reported that ADHD patients often self-medicate with cannabis and that most report that it alleviates their symptoms. Clinical studies have reported that both inhaled cannabis as well as the administration of cannabis extracts mitigate ADHD symptoms in human subjects. Israeli data published in 2020 further reported that ADHD patients with legal access to medical cannabis products significantly reduce their use of prescription medications. 

Full text of the study, “Cannabis for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A report of 3 cases,” appears inMedical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.


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