U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week announced that he plans to introduce a bill to stop the recently-passed vaccine mandate for D.C. students from going into effect. Two weeks ago, the D.C. City Council voted to mandate D.C. students get vaccinated against Covid-19 by March 1, 2022, taking healthcare decisions away from parents. The bill passed 11-1, with only one member of the City Council voting against the measure.

During an interview with Ben Shapiro, Senator Cruz stated:

“These mandates, we’re seeing them all over the place. You know, we’re seeing them in schools. It is amazing how many Democrats are willing to try to force parents to get their kid vaccinated.”

“I’ll tell you, the District of Columbiathe school boardvoted to force every child in D.C. to get vaccinated. I’m introducing this week legislation in the Senate to reverse that order. Under the Constitution, the District of Columbia is under the authority of Congress.”

“The school board has no right to force you to get your five year old vaccinated. If you want to vaccinate your kid, vaccinate your kid. But if you don’t want to, who are these petty authoritarians trying to make this decision for you? And sadly, it’s a pattern we’re seeing across the board.”


“I don’t know that it was ever sciencethis administration treated it as politics from day one. You look at something like mask mandates in schools, the email traffic has come out with the White House and CDC that the reason they did that is the teachers union bosses wanted it. Now listening to union bosses may be good politics for a Democrat, but it’s not science. It’s not medicine. It’s not actually taking care of the health of the kids.”

“And if you look right now where we are, 40% of parents across the country of school aged kids say that their child has fallen behind due to the pandemic and the school closures. And yet nonetheless, we’ve got right now this week, nearly 4,000 schools across this country are shut down. They’re not offering in-person school for at least one day of the week and many of them for every day of the week. This is wrong. It’s hurting children. … Unfortunately, the union bossesthey don’t give a damn about the kids.”

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