Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky called into the nationally syndicated “Mark Kaye Show” on Monday to discuss Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate and his theory that it will ultimately be killed by the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision.

“The irony is,” explained Paul, “That the Obamacare ruling that we hated, actually said that you cannot force people to buy insurance under the Commerce Clause…the Obamacare case actually says that they will not be able to mandate vaccines under the Commerce Clause.”

Kaye also asked Senator Paul about the Supreme Court and how he felt they would ultimately rule in the case. He said there were some “great” justices when it came to mandates, and others who were not so reliable.

“I think Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas are good,” stated Paul. “I think it’s unknown whether Barrett and Kavanaugh will be with us. I think Roberts blows in the wind and could go either way but probably goes with the liberals on this.”

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