In an effort to drum up support for Constitutional Carry in the 2022 legislative cycle, Florida Gun Rights staff have been asking elected officials at public meetings where they stand on the issue.

Senate Majority Leader Debbie Mayfield said at a Brevard County legislative listening session last week “I support Constitutional Carry. That is one of the things we will probably be looking at this session because it is important”

Senator Joe Gruters, Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, also said he supports Constitutional Carry at a Sarasota legislative listening session last week, but doesn’t want to see “assault rifles” on beaches. He indicated any Constitutional Carry bill he would support would need protection for the tourism industry.

Florida Gun Rights Director of Legislation, Matt Collins, traveled to multiple legislative listening sessions to poll the legislators on the issue.

“It sounds like some top Senators may now be on board, but we need to know where Governor Ron DeSantis stands on Constitutional Carry?” said Collins.

Constitutional Carry is defined as the ability for any law-abiding citizen who is legal to possess a firearm to be able to carry a firearm without first seeking a permit from the government.

The Republican Party of Florida has included passing Constitutional Carry in their platform.

Currently, 21 states have some form of Constitutional Carry as the law in their state, with 5 having passed Constitutional Carry just this year.

Florida Gun Rights is the Florida affiliate of the National Association for Gun Rights, and is a non-partisan grassroots citizen organization made up of gun owners and lovers of liberty. FLGR is Florida’s No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization

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