In a record-setting night, the Libertarian Party nearly doubles its number of elected officials across the country.

The party estimates that voters across the United States elected approximately 150 candidates to office last night, with final totals expected to be much higher in the coming weeks due to close calls and write-in races.

Among the notable firsts in Tuesday’s elected and re-elected Libertarians is Ashley Shade, the first transgendered person elected to office in Massachusetts’s Berkshire County. Altamonte Springs, Florida Commissioner Jim Turney was re-elected for a third term, and Benjamin Seevers took the top spot in a 3-way race for North Apollo Borough Council, beating out two Republican challengers.

Libertarian National Committee Chair Whitney Bilyeu issued the following statement on Tuesday’s election results:

“Seeing so many new Libertarians join the already growing ranks of our hundreds of elected officials around the country is truly inspiring. America has become increasingly weary with the two establishment parties as they fail repeatedly to address Americans’ most pressing concerns. This election shows one unmistakable fact: the Libertarian Party has become an integral and growing part of the American political conversation.”

The Libertarian Party is the fastest-growing national party in America and the only party with a consistent record of standing for all your rights, all the time. To join the ever-growing ranks of Libertarians working toward a world set free in our lifetime, go to

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