Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) this week made this statement on Democrats’ touting a sweetheart union deal in the form of an additional $4,500 tax credit for people who buy electric vehicles made by unions, which they hope to include in the reckless taxing and spending bill.

“Electric cars have the potential to be a major low carbon solution in the transportation space. However, the Democrats’ proposal penalizes people for buying electric vehicles when the manufacturer is non-unionized. If you believe electric cars help improve our environment, why would you care where in the United States the car is made?

“South Carolina is home to several highly skilled car manufacturers, and this proposal would be detrimental to our economy. BMW and Volvo have assembly plants in South Carolina and the purchaser of any electric vehicle made by these companies would be denied the additional $4,500 tax credit simply because these are non-unionized work sites.

“This misguided Democratic proposal violates international law and rewards special interest groups at the expense of hardworking Americans. So much for climate change being the existential crisis of our time. Union politics, not environmental concerns, are the driving force here. Democrats are more in the camp of appeasing their union base than they are in advancing the usage of electric cars.

“Unfortunately, auto workers in states like South Carolina and American consumers will be the ones who end up paying the price for Democrats’ misguided policy.”

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