Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) issued the following statement slamming Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney’s (D-NY) intention to overexert congressional power by subpoenaing oil companies for private documents.

“Today’s House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on ‘Fueling the Climate Crisis’ was a disgrace and international embarrassment under the veneer of government oversight. Chairwoman Maloney and committee Democrats should be ashamed of the circus hearing they led today that had one goal in mind: intimidation. The chairwoman’s plan to subpoena U.S. oil companies is a gross violation of the First Amendment and infringes upon the rights of private enterprises.

“Democrats are systematically handing over America’s energy industry to our adversaries, the Chinese and the Russians, which are only growing in economic, militaristic, and energy power and don’t comply with climate goals. President Joe Biden and his allies on Capitol Hill are waging war on America’s energy industry. Look no further than the ending of the Keystone XL pipeline, billions of dollars of Green New Deal funding in the reconciliation bill, and now blatant intimidation from the House Oversight and Reform Committee chairwoman. Tying the hands of our energy industry is a threat to our national security, the health of our climate, and our stature on the world stage, and I will not stand idly by as Democrats seek to kill jobs and enrich our rivals.”

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