Just as Americans learned President Biden’s claim that this bill would have “zero cost” was a lie, so too are reports that Democrats plan to remove any spending from their bill.

Democrats plan to resort to cooking the books, using budget tricks and fuzzy math to make the bill look smaller than it actually is:

“Democrats are using standard Washington budget gimmicks—phasing in programs to make costs look lower up front; pretending programs will expire that obviously will not—in order to hide the real costs of their proposals.”

De facto Senate Majority Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted as much yesterday morning:

“I think that one of the ideas that’s out there is, fully fund what we can fully fund, but maybe instead of doing it for 10 years, you fully fund it for five years …”

AOC’s socialist colleague, Pramila Jayapal, said the same:

“Our idea now is to look at how you make [programs] funded for a little bit of a shorter time.”

Washington Democrats think the American people are dumb enough not to pick up on these gimmicks.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The Democrats are trying to fleece the American people by resorting to budget gimmicks and fuzzy math. Hiding costs in bill text will not hide the effects that record taxing and spending will have on our economy. Should this monstrosity pass, inflation will skyrocket, our economy will slump, and our nation will lurch toward socialism.”

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