Americans for Free Trade spokesperson Jonathan Gold released the following statement expressing disappointment regarding United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s announcement of the Biden administration’s strategy for approaching trade with China.

“For more than three years, American businesses have been struggling with the costs created by tariffs on more than $350 billion in goods imported from China. The trade war is a failed policy of the previous administration, and we are disappointed to hear that the current tariffs will remain in effect. Leaving the tariffs in place will only continue the harm they’ve done to the American economy. President Joe Biden and Ambassador Tai should prioritize ending the trade war, rather than building on existing tariffs. At the minimum, the Biden administration must reopen the exclusions process for all products. Beyond this, it should also undertake an honest assessment of the impact the tariffs have had on the U.S. economy, businesses, workers, and innovation. We are calling on the Biden administration to be more transparent with all stakeholders in U.S.-China trade policy so it can formulate an approach that is better informed by the real impact tariffs like these have had.”


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