The Club for Growth announced that seven Texas state legislators scored high enough to be a “Defender of Economic Freedom” on the new Club for Growth Foundation’s 2021 Texas State Economic Scorecard.

The Club for Growth recognizes elected officials who, on the Foundation’s scorecard, score 90% or better in a given calendar year and maintain lifetime scores of 90% or better as Defenders of Economic Freedom. The following Texas state lawmakers won the award:

Bob Hall (SD-02) – 92%
Jeff Cason (HD-92) – 100%
Bryan Slaton (HD-02) – 98%
Briscoe Cain (HD-128) – 97%
Mayes Middleton (HD-23) – 97%
Matt Schaefer (HD-06) – 97%
Tony Tinderholt (HD-94) – 93%

“The Foundation’s Congressional Scorecard is already the gold-standard in publishing the voting records of Senators and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives on economic legislation. The State Economic Scorecards help educate citizens about which elected officials are champions of pro-growth policies at the state level,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Texas has a small group of staunch conservatives, but given the size of the state’s legislature (181 members) and the state’s conservative bent, there should be many more Defenders of Economic Freedom. Many Republicans haven’t been doing their jobs, and this scorecard will allow the people of Texas to hold their representatives accountable.”

Key Takeaways on the 2021 Scorecard:

Texas Senate

Average Republican Score: 76%
Average Democrat Score: 21%
Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Bob Hall (SD-02), 92%
Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Kel Seliger (SD-31), 65%
Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Juan Hinojosa (SD-20), 39%
Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Sarah Eckhardt (SD-14), 0%

Texas House

Average Republican Score: 64%
Average Democrat Score: 14%
Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Jeff Cason (HD-092), 100%
Lowest Rated Republicans: Rep. Stan Lambert (HD-071) and Rep. Lyle Larson (HD-122), 34%
Highest Rated Democrats: Rep. Eddie Morales (HD-074), 31%
Lowest Rated Democrat: Multiple members at 0%

The Club for Growth Foundation’s Texas economic scorecard is similar to scorecards that the Foundation has released for Virginia and Nebraska as part of its new state legislative vote study initiative. The Club for Growth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on educating the public about the value of free markets, pro-growth policies, and economic prosperity.

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