Go here now to tell Congress: Impeach Biden!

The Biden Administration’s calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan has thrust the murderous Taliban back into power. Not only have they brought back their brutally oppressive Islamic law, but they have also made no effort to cut ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Thanks to the Administration’s lack of pre-conditions and contingencies, Afghanistan is once again a safe haven for terrorism just as it was pre-9/11.

President Biden has laughably urged the Taliban to keep in mind how they are viewed by the international community, as if oblivious to their history. Now, Senate Republicans are calling on the Administration to rightfully label the Taliban a terrorist organization once again.

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats have not joined Republicans in calling this Islamofascism regime what they are – terrorists. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Administration will see how the group behaves before making a determination.

What more do they need to see? When will Senate Democrats stand up and call evil by its name?

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Without pre-conditions or contingencies, President Biden yanked out forces from Afghanistan leaving a trail of death and destruction in our wake. It’s a true national embarrassment that has once again made Afghanistan a terrorist safe haven. Even in light of those facts, the Administration and Senate Democrats are silent on labeling the Taliban as terrorists. But the Taliban are who they have always been, ruthless thugs and killers, and it’s time we call them by their name: radical Islamic terrorists.”

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