Democrats’ totalitarian tendencies are putting American values, freedoms, and livelihoods at stake. They promise to know what is best for America while they push for more government interference and less freedom.

In Case You Missed It via the Washington Times, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) wrote an op-ed about the harm Democrats are inflicting on our economy and constitutional rights.

Dems’ totalitarian overreach threatens Americans’ livelihood

By: Rep. Virginia Foxx

September 13, 2021

(The Washington Times) … The stakes of our current battle against totalitarian tendencies may not yet be as significant as those of past decades, but today’s authoritarians can still act in deeply pernicious ways.

Some of these contemporary authoritarians take the form of cultural elitists, casting themselves in messianic roles promising that they know what is best for the American citizen. Skeptics of their “enlightened” ways are castigated as degenerates. And when new information emerges, which challenges the position of the enlightened few, that information is repressed, sacrificing truth on the altar of politics.

As Senior Republican Leader of the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor, I see examples of these deceptive assertions weekly.

Democrats cite science to enforce mask mandates in schools, steamrolling parental rights and ignoring the harm masks inflicts on young children’s learning.

House Democrats passed a bill that would skim the top off workers’ paychecks to line the pockets of union bosses even though those workers are not even union members.

And most recently, Congressional Democrats are pushing a $3.5 trillion socialist wish list, which the New York Times said, “would touch virtually every American’s life, from conception to aged infirmity.” 

Read the full article here.

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