Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree is hitting middle class Americans directly in their pocketbooks. Under Joe Biden’s leadership, inflation is hitting record highs causing Americans to pay more for everything from food to gas. And, instead of curbing the reckless spending that is causing record inflation, Joe Biden is blaming job creators.

In true Democrat fashion, Joe Biden isn’t letting the inflation crisis go to waste. In fact, he’s using it to push his radical anti-business agenda. The key takeaway from the “White House Competition Council’s” inaugural meeting was to regulate businesses so they can’t raise prices. Even liberal economists disagree with the White House’s assessment. They say that Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree is driving up inflation, not job creators. The White House is just using them as another scapegoat in their never-ending political blame game.

But voters see right past this shameless attempt to blame others for the Biden Administration’s failures. According to NRSC/RGA polling, a majority of voters blame Biden’s radical economic policies for the record spike in inflation. See below:

Statement from NRSC Spokesman Jonathan Turcotte: “Whether it’s record numbers of illegal border crossings, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, or skyrocketing consumer prices, Joe Biden and Senate Democrats will find anyone to blame but themselves. The truth is that their reckless tax and spending spree is crushing middle class Americans who must pay more for everyday goods. Now, they want to ram through another $5.5 TRILLION in reckless spending that will do nothing but drive inflation even higher. Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are using record inflation as a political weapon against private businesses. There’s nothing they won’t do to advance their far-Left agenda. Americans deserve leaders in Washington who don’t play politics with their pocketbooks.”

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