Chairman Rick Scott joined Maria Bartiromo on FOX Business: Mornings with Maria to discuss the latest on President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree.  

Watch below:

“Americans should be furious. First of we lost 13 members of our military because of Joe Biden’s incompetence. 13 people lost their lives because of Joe Biden’s incompetence, on top of that he promised every American citizen would have the opportunity to leave, no, they don’t! The Taliban is making decision Joe Biden has no control over what happened in Afghanistan…”

“I mean they just they don’t care about spending your money. They think, the Democrats in D.C. and Joe Biden think all this money is just free and you can do whatever you want. Their bill takes us to $45 trillion worth of debt. Who is voting for a tax increase? Who is going to elect somebody going to make sure that gets paid off? They are not…And who is it hurting? The poorest families…”



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