Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin today announced his Day One Game Plan, laying out the actions he will take on his first day in office toward achieving his vision of making Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

“We have a lot we need to get done here in Virginia, and we need to start strong. It is time for bold leadership, and the Day One Game Plan takes on the challenges facing Virginians and puts us on a path toward having the best jobs, the best schools, and the safest communities in America,” said Glenn Youngkin. “Terry McAuliffe and his liberal Richmond allies are failing Virginia, and it’s going to take a new kind of leader—not a failed politician looking for a second chance—to create a Commonwealth where businesses can prosper, students can thrive, and communities are safe.”

In Virginia, the murder rate is at a 20-year high, our students are falling behind in school, there was zero job growth from 2013 through 2020 and now our recovery from the pandemic ranks 44th in the Nation, and our government is broken—as a result, people are voting with their feet and leaving the Commonwealth.

Youngkin will start strong on Day One, taking on the challenges facing Virginians and making sure we have the best jobs, the best schools, the safest communities, and a government that works for all of us by:

  • Cutting costs for families;
  • Keeping our communities safe;
  • Reinvigorating job growth;
  • Restoring excellence in education; and
  • Making government work.

Youngkin will cut costs for families, keep our communities safe, jumpstart our economy, restore common sense and excellence in education, and make government work by:

  • Eliminating Virginia’s grocery tax and suspending the recent gas tax hike;
  • Ending runaway property taxes by requiring voter approval for increases;
  • Cutting income taxes by doubling the standard deduction and reducing taxes on veteran retirement pay;
  • Fully funding law enforcement and protecting qualified immunity for our law enforcement heroes;
  • Fixing our broken mental health system;
  • Keeping Virginia open and protecting lives and livelihoods;
  • Launching #JumpstartJobs to develop talent, train workers, attract investment, and make Virginia the easiest state to start a business;
  • Restoring high expectations and getting every student college or career ready;
  • Rebuilding crumbling schools, raising teacher pay, and investing in special education programs;
  • Ridding political agendas from the classroom;
  • Creating at least 20 new Innovation charter schools across the K-12 spectrum to provide choice;
  • Fixing the DMV and the Virginia Employment Commission;
  • Conducting a statewide transparency audit to root out waste, fraud, and abuse; and
  • Investing more money in roads and highways.

Click HERE for the full Day One Game Plan.


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