Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement:

Democrats in Washington today took yet another giant step towards dividing and destroying the United States of America. 

They used a sham procedural gimmick to ‘deem and pass’ a massive $3.5 trillion budget to grease the skids for extraordinary levels of taxing, borrowing, and spending. However, far more toxic than any of its reckless spending levels is that it is all purposefully designed to force their far-left agenda upon the American people and fundamentally transform our way of life.

This legislation attacks the freedom of my constituents by burying them in mountains of debt, pushing mass amnesty, enslaving them to a world of energy poverty, and destroying their access to healthcare freedom with a massive expansion of the welfare state. In other words, this bill is a direct assault upon the people I represent and would almost certainly cement irreversible divisions in our republic.

While some of my colleagues helped pave the way for this abomination by voting with Democrats on the ‘infrastructure’ bill under the cover of ‘bipartisanship,’ all Republicans should make it unequivocally clear now that none of us will aid or abet this radical leftist transformation of the country we love.

-Rep Chip Roy


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