Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined House Freedom Caucus members in a press conference to call out the Democrats for setting up a massive $3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package that will inflict severe economic harm on the future of America. 

A transcript of his remarks is below:

Right now, when thousands of Americans are still on the outside of gates looking to try to get into the airport in Afghanistan, in Kabul, when we’ve got our assets, our planes, our helicopters, our Humvees, weapons, that are now in the hands of our enemy.  Instead of sitting in here and having hearings, instead of having conversations about what we can do to push this administration to do its job, we’re here to spend 3.5 trillion dollars we don’t have. 

And we’re here to have the federal takeover of elections.  That’s what we’re here to do. 

And let’s make no mistake about what this 3.5 trillion dollar bill is.  It’s a bunch of leftist nonsense that the American people don’t want to see, with a massive takeover of healthcare, and the expansion of federal government healthcare, a massive expansion of Green New Deal policies trying to push us to be 80% carbon free by 2030.  All of this stuff is the wish list of the progressive left and the squad.  

That’s why we’re here in August.  That’s why the speaker calls us back in August, while our people are on the outside looking in, in Afghanistan.  I really want the American people to understand what the priorities of the Democratic Party actually are- that’s what it is- to push a socialist wish list onto the American people, undermine our economy, spend money we don’t have, put the government into your healthcare and your doctors, and totally reshape the entire America we know, in terms of our economy and our energy policy.  And oh, by the way, amnesty for ten million or more. 

That’s the reality of what’s in this 3.5 trillion dollar bill.  And oh, by the way, we’ll be voting on HR 4 in the name of the Voting Rights Act, a massive federal takeover of elections.  Now that’s purposeful, right?  I mean the new word is to say that somehow putting in voter integrity is somehow voter suppression, and then is somehow undermining the rights of people to vote.  And it’s far, far from the truth. 

If you listen to my Democratic colleagues, you would believe that the Voting Rights Act was not in force.  It is.  The Voting Rights Act is in force.  They want to take it and shove down the throats of the American people the lack of ability to use voter ID, the lack of ability to make sure that ballots are actually secure and have signature match.  They want to stop the people in our states and Texas, and all of the states that these great people represent, from being able to make decisions in their own communities all under the name of the Voting Rights Act.  Right? 

It’s actually a disservice to those who have fought to defend the Voting Rights Act, to allow this to be politicized the way this bunch and this House of Representatives is politicizing it.

I’m going to turn it over to my colleagues, but let’s just be very clear- the Democratic Party, the leadership of the Democratic Party, has no interest in standing up to an incompetent White House that has left our Americans on the outside looking in.  And they want to come back and bring us here to Washington, they want to bring us back here, to carry out their progressive, leftist agenda.  And I can tell you that the people in Texas, we’re not having it.  Enough of this nonsense.  They’ve got to stop putting the leftist policies they want to put up front over the wishes of the people that they represent. 

-Rep Chip Roy


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