As America watches events in Afghanistan with horror, they are provided little – if any – comfort from President Biden and the White House. Poor explanations, excuses, and disastrous interviews are making this dark chapter in American foreign policy even darker.

While the Administration continues to try to spin their way out of this, one face is noticeably absent: Vice President Kamala Harris. She has been joining Senate Democrats in hiding as Afghanistan descends into chaos, and claiming “zero responsibility” for her Administration’s actions.

Harris has been given every unsavory work assignment in the Biden White House, most notably the border, which continues to worsen. Is she avoiding being tagged with another Biden failure or hanging the Commander-in-Chief out to dry?  Either way, the cowardice displayed by this Administration is beyond reason.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Senate Democrats and their former colleague, Vice President Harris, are currently in hiding, praying and hoping that the quagmire in Afghanistan, created by President Biden, blows over quickly. Their brazen lack of leadership is making a bad situation worse.  The American people are disgusted and horrified with the continued poor handling of this situation by Democrats and are clamoring for new leadership.”


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