A supermajority of Michigan residents live in close proximity to a licensed marijuana retail establishment, according to a geographic analysis by the Anderson Economic Group.

Their report indicates that adult-use retail stores are integrated throughout most of the state. “Over 80 percent of Michiganders now live within a 20-minute drive of an adult-use retail store,” said Brian Peterson, AEG director of public policy and economic analysis. “Our analysis shows that the retailers have established themselves across the state in order to meet consumer demand for cannabis.”

The Michigan experience differs from that of some other states, like California, where a majority of cities have prohibited the establishment of local retail stores. In New Jersey, where commercial sales are expected to begin next year, nearly half of cities and towns have opted out of permitting local marijuana businesses. 

Nearly 750 commercial retailers are currently operating in Michigan. About 55 percent of retailers cater to medical cannabis patients, while the remaining 45 percent of stores are adult-use facilities. 


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